Seminar “in their shoes” – About How to Approach Teenagers in Critical Life Situations

“in their shoes” 3.0 – Skills for Person-Centered Youth Ministry
for Youth Ministers and Teenager Catechists

At the Teenagers’ Retreat TUFF 2016 in Ras al-Khaimah an urgent need showed up: Many teenagers were looking for persons to talk to about their individual needs. Some catechists and teen ministers who were present and who tried to help felt unable to cope with these situations because many times it required so much more than only quick solutions, hugs or prayers.

Therefore since the beginning of 2017 all catechists and other volunteers who are involved in teen ministry were invited to participate in a seminar titled “in their shoes – how to approach teenagers in critical life situations”. Until now the seminar was already conducted five times with 120 participants in total for nearly all parishes of the Vicariate.

for the complete description of “in their shoes” – click here

Formation Programme 2019 (September to November)

  • Refresher for all participants 2019 (Friday, October 25, 4-8pm)
    – Registration until Oct 23
    • Repetition of some theories
    • Questions & Answers & Discussions & Sharing
    • Exercises
    • Implementation of Shoe-Walkers-Ministry & Peer-to-Peer-Coaching in the parishes
  • Optional participation in TUFF retreat UAE (15./16.11.) or OMAN (22./23.11.)

*Friday afternoon 4pm until Saturday afternoon 4pm (night break 10pm – 8am) (no partial attendance)

Location of Introductory Weekend and Debriefing/Refresher:
St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Muhaisnah
(accommodation in Muhaisnah on request)

The facilitating team:

Melissa Jayawickrema
Fr. Martin Stewen

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