Dayton Seminar: “Relationships in Pastoral Care: The Joy of My Ministry”

REGISTRATION (for priests and religious only)


Our Christian faith is based on a Trinitarian God who is the best example for relationships. We will reflect on the meaning of Trinitarian God for our own spiritual life. What does it mean to be related with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit?

Pastoral work is person-centered and based on interpersonal relationships. We will reflect on the meaning of our relationships among ourselves, and between us and the faithful. How can we deal with challenges that others bring on our path or that we inadvertently create ourselves?

Pastoral ministers are not only outstretched to heaven but also embrace the human society of the Christian faithful. We will reflect on the social aspects of the Church and the impact of the human society on pastoral work.


Course Objectives

  • To raise awareness of the spiritual dimension of relationships
  • To advance reflection of our notion of God
  • To provide basic information about person-centered pastoral work
  • To create awareness of the Person-Centered Theory according to C. R. Rogers
  • To reflect on the idea of the people of God as stated in Lumen Gentium



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